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Celebrating my nephew’s baptism is the best excuse to have another taste of Max’s kare kare.


One’s visit to the Philippines is not complete without trying this exceptional viand made out of peanut sauce, oxtail and several vegetables like sitaw (string beans), pechay (Chinese cabbage) and talong (eggplant). Kare kare is not complete without imbibing on its partner which is the sweet and salty bagoong or sautéed shrimp paste.


This dish is one of the most favorite among Pinoys and most often one of the stars in parties and large feasts when you chance upon joining one in the country.


Max’s serves this authentic pinoy delicacy in a palayok (clay pot) to preserve its flavor.


Though many dine spots has offered this famous viand, Max’s still has maintained the high quality of their own Kare-kare. The consistency of their creamy sauce, the right amount of salty and sweet taste, the crunchiness of fresh veggies plus the soft and tender ox tail, tripe and perfectly boiled beef will make you asking for more. Not to forget their very tasty recipe of the shrimp paste that really goes well with the dish.


Max’s can be regarded to be one of the best fine dining restos in the Philippines to offer this authentic Filipino cuisine and that on a relatively easy-to-the-pocket offered price.


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