Parents should also enjoy at kid’s parties

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IMG_3845One of the perks of having kids is getting invited at various parties from friends and colleagues who also have kids. Yeah a lot of food and fun stuff goes with it but also you have to be prepared to do some other things while at a kid’s party like feeding your kids, winning prizes, going home with a memento of some sort.


As a parent, you would think of it as a duty rather than a time to enjoy yourself. But if you would see it the other way, It can be a great bonding moment for you and your little ones. If you are a the work-a-holic type, this is the right time to ease off from work and give more time to your kids and focus at the present moment.


For several parties that I have attended, it would be tiring if you would just be there to watch your kids play and socialize. Remember that we parents are not just there to be chaperons yet we can also enjoy every bit of this parenting experience.


What can you do to make it worth your while and at the same time bring joy to your kids?


Participate. Games will always be a part of kiddie parties. Every child would want to play a game and for the better, win a prize on one of the party games. This will be a challenging task for us parents specially if your child is not as active as the other kids. But acting upon and assisting our kids will show them our support and eagerness in a way fire up the enthusiasm in our child’s mind. It doesn’t really matter if you get the prize, what really counts is you did participate for the enjoyment and that one of a lifetime experience.


Socialize. Parties are better way to get acquainted with more people. Either catching up with an old friend or meeting a new person (whose also a parent) can open up a lot of opportunities. Not only are the kids involved in the party but also their parents.


Showcase. Some of the games will not only call for your child’s participation but also their parents. I am one of the few dads who are luckily a patron on adult games on kiddie parties. Though at first I was skeptical to take part on it but hanging loose for just a few minutes does relieve me of daily stress. I played games with my wife, my kids and even participated on a magic show. Just be sport enough and let the inner child within you take control.


In a few years time, I won’t regret doing such deed for my kids. Soon, they will be old enough to attend their own parties which I can no longer be part of. Even in just a few hours I did my best as a parent to make them enjoy these kind of events in the early stages of their life.

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