Old mango tree crowns a new community mall

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image courtesy of ko-ecks.blogspot.comOne of the unique but predominantly highlighted character of Ayala honed structures is keeping their developments to work with their environment.  In a way aiming to build these colossal malls without destroying the ecological precepts that all other developers are putting less time and effort in exchange for income and profits.


Ayala’s Fairview Terraces is again a proof of this environmental responsibility that the Ayala malls are maintaining  within their unscathed image.


An old mango tree towering as close as three stories high marks the center of this newly graced structure at the heart of Fairview in Quezon City. The tree reminds many of us who hail from this parts that this place was once an endless farm of mango trees back in the days.


Seeing this mango tree brought back memories of my high school years. I can still remember the day I walked along the shady branches covering the old Quirino Highway.  Traffic was not as bad as before.  Sweet breeze blows thru these fields of mango trees. As the refreshing flow of air makes the leaves rustle, it leaves a faint fragrance of the flowering fruits during the summer season.


The tree feats as the center piece of the whole structure.  Giving every guests the same relaxing atmosphere as they dine,  stroll or even just sit back and admire the view. Various restaurants,  gardens and green open spaces surround the mango tree.


Kudos to the people who’ve been behind the stupendous conceptualization. It does prove that we don’t need to level out lands to give way to developments rather we can build around these natural habitats and make them essential part of our living structures. Fairview Terraces can be regarded as a environment friendly building of our time.


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