My alternative ways of making some noise for a safer new year

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As time goes by, fire crackers have become more dangerous to handle and unreliable enough to keep within your hand’s reach. Lighting up one of these bad guys is more like a death wish for some people or are they just numb with too much glee in welcoming the New Year to risk their limbs in any way possible?


Even though this is the case, I also do not want to welcome the upcoming year without making some noise. A big bang can be a head turner yet it’s better to be well and alive to witness another year of your life. It’s better to be safe than sorry too.


Here are my own ways to celebrate the New Year with some noise but less the smoke, deafening explosions, and of course missing fingers:

  1. Load up your yearend party list. It’s time to turn on your mp3 players jack it up on an amp, load up that playlist and turn up the volume. Dance and shout like crazy.
  2. Opt to blow the horn. Invest in the best sounding trumpets for the New Year and forget about those ear deafening acetylene powered cannons.
  3. Settle for some sound effects. DOH a few years ago released a downloadable set of fireworks and fire crackers sound effects. If you crave even just to hear your favorite fireworks explode, may be this can be  your cup of tea.
  4. Drum roll please. On New Year ’s Eve, I’m letting my kids play a beat on our snare drum.
  5. Honk your horns hard! Start your engines and honk those car horns pretty hard. It’s this time of the year when you can finally press hard on your car’s horns like hell without receiving any violent reactions from other people.

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