KALBOrgers – enormously a tummy filler

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KALBOrger's Beef Duper variant sliced typically into five. Each slice is enough to feed a hungry Juan

KALBOrger’s Beef Duper variant . 9-inch burger patty in a large ‘pan de sal’ bun. Typically sliced to feed five hungry people.

Burgers where once my thing. As a kid, I grew up vouching to eat any kind of hamburger I would come across. But of course, my parents will not support my choice, the fact that burgers alone are not enough to nourish my young body.


Yes. I still do love to eat burgers. And I for some reason tried all the best burgers in town. Notably seeking the best tasting one and those that give good value for your money. Size, taste and price are my criteria in determining which one is hot or not.


Though, my palate has succumbed to the grilled types, still I am open to sample the traditional fried ones. That is why I discovered yet another tummy filling sandwich that will surely catch everyone’s attention.


KALBOrgers – claims to be the biggest burger to hit the market. Showing off their 9-inch diameter patty which is enough to satisfy the hunger of 4-5 people. Even big  enough to feed a starving individual. That’s how big it is!


After we got home from our grocery weekend, we made a drive thru and picked up these mouth-fillers. The burger itself is generously filled with coleslaw plus their very own mayo-mustard dressing. This is the first hamburger that I came across not to include catsup for that matter.


KALBOrger’s sells their sandwiches in three different sizes – regular, super an duper; all available in two variants – beef and chicken. The price ranges from P40-150 per serving.


Just look out for the bald man and you’re sure to find your way to this gigantic surprise.


We got our burgers at their branch at Lagro in Quezon City. Its just a few meters away from the Our Lady of Fatima University. Relatively a good place to sell their budget burgers for students and budget conscious people.

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