How to host a party even in cramped spaces

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party-2Filipinos are eager party hosts. We very much like the idea of having a blast during our special occasions. Having a tight budget though
will sometimes limit our options to setup a party to accommodate at least 50 guest.


Conducting a party at the confines of our own backyard will be the safest and cheapest solution for a few hours of relaxation and socialization.


But for some people like me who really don’t have a backyard to fit many people, it is a challenge to host one successful event without the hassles of overcrowding.


My family is staying at a two unit apartment which we have owned for almost a decade now. The size of the spaces pretty much suit our needs.  But when we decide celebrating one life event in this cramped space, we are faced with several things to make our party hosting smooth sailing.


My son celebrated his 9th birthday and we decided to invite our friends back at our church and bring with them their kids.  A total of 30 people were expected to arrive. The number seems overwhelming for us and I really can’t imagine how to squeeze together this number in a 60 sq.m. (consolidated room area) space.


So we came up with some solutions to our space problem.

  1. Schedule your guest’s arrival. Since our house party was a double event (kids party and small reunion), we decided to invite our single friends earlier at lunch then those with kids in the late afternoon. It became easier for us to entertain our guests that way. This also gave us a chance to chat with old friends over at lunch then share our time with our special celebrant and his friends.
  2. Designate party areas around the house. We made our living room reserved for the kids so they can play with a bunch of toys or watch TV while our dining and kitchen area became dedicated for the adults to enjoy a quieter space in which to enjoy their food.
  3. Get recyclable paper plates, cups and utensils.  Though these items were disposable, it is much easier to have them around than having a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. You will also save as much water in washing the dishes now and then while having the party.  This also beats the times catching up on friends than doing the dirty work.
  4. Buy party food from several restaurants. Though we like to show off our cooking abilities, it is sometimes better to get food from outside sources. If catered dish will be out of the budget, take out party size food is best for the occasion. We Pinoys can take advantage of the abundance of restaurants then share with our guests our food choices.
  5. Set your party time. Even though you are staging the event at the comforts of your own space, you still have the right to set a definite time for the duration of the party. In the end you will be happy getting a good night’s rest after a tiring day. Avoid the endless party hours, you and your guests will have to go soon and bid farewell.


With the above solutions, we did end the occasion with all smiles.


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