HIV-AIDS epidemic rises in the Philippines

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People tend to be very stubborn especially on things that they know they will really enjoy, they just do not look at the possible outcome this brings. In spite of several sex education and precautions given to all adults, they seem so lax regarding HIV virus’ infectivity. Not unless, they become a prey to it. This dreaded disease is so rampant nowadays because online dating on internet is so popular, young people are so open about sex and many resort to prostitution as a means to survive. We have to accept the fact that humans are sinful in nature that is why, the more it is prohibited, the more they are likely to be doing it.
Actually, in the ratio of one to ten on the status of HIV-AIDS infected victims in the Philippines, it is now at the scale of 5, as reported by authority. Quite alarming, isn’t it? Sad to hear that Philippines’ coordinator of the United Nations Program on HIV-AIDS (UNAIDS), Teresa Marie Bagasao confirms that on some specific sites in the country, it reaches to a scale of 8 to 9 already and only those who showed awareness, express anxiety over the rapid increase of infected Human immunodeficiency virus.
As we all know, HIV leads to AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, a condition that damages the immune system of the body, this virus destabilized and immobilized the whole system causing death to the victim. This virus can be transmitted through sexual contact and blood transfusions that are infected by the virus. The groups that are vulnerable to contaminate HIV-AIDS virus are the young adults, gay and bisexual men, prostitutes, injecting drug users, overseas Filipino workers and sex partners that engaged with these persons are highly exposed to this too, the Journal for International AIDS Society has reported. It was declared that there would be no assurance that such extensive outbreak on HIV can be prevented in the next generation to come because the epidemic is on the brink of spreading out in just a matter of time since it came to the Philippines. We really have to be vigilant in taking extra precautions in having sexual contact with anyone you barely know and not to be engaging with any person that are prone to it. Remember, that once you are inflicted of HIV virus, you can control it but can never get rid of it.
Unfortunately, based on reported cases, young ones ages 20 to 29 comprised more than half of the reported victims and more than 80% of all recounted cases for 2011 were gays and bisexual men. Eventually, only Philippines and Bangladesh in the whole of Asia have reported high cases of HIV while the rest of the countries are either stagnant or decreasing in number.

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8 Responses to HIV-AIDS epidemic rises in the Philippines

  1. dsinla81 says:

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  3. Yjam says:

    @dsinla81…ur link is very intresting…thanks for sharing more details on HIV. Hope all people will be vigilant about this.

  4. jessie gan says:

    makakahawa b ang hiv sa mga kasamahan sa bahay paano ito maiwasan ? lalot na marame kame?

  5. jessie gan says:

    hinala ko na may hiv posetive na ang isa sa kasamahan namin dahil minsan nang na open nya sa akin ano po b dapat kong gawin ngayon?……

  6. yenjam says:

    @jessie gan……I am very much happy that you are quite vigilant and is aware of ur surrounding about HIV-AIDS. Well, you made the right choice of being open about the issue of your housemate. Just do not be afraid, here is an article about your protection and how to avoid it. just type this in search area above this page: ” Precautions on HIV and what you need to know”…..Hope you can be enlighten after you read this.
    Thank you very much for your concern.

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