Haiyan: Facing a world’s super storm

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courtesy of multivu.comTyphoon is a common weather disturbance in the Philippines and growing up on a storm battered homeland has taught us how to brace ourselves to the incoming onslaught.


Though never have I witnessed nor may God forbid experience any of the damaging effects of super typhoons, it is still better to prepare oneself for the worse.


Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) promised a hell lot of rain and wind power enough to uproot trees, snap cable lines or fling out roofs from houses. Everyone is all eyes and ears to its arrival hoping that its landfall will somehow tame the raging bull.


As the storm was on its way to bring us a power packed disturbance, the middle islands of the Philippines – Visayas hustled up to gear for survival. Even Luzon and Mindanao did the same just to be sure.


Charging all our mobile phones and rechargeable batteries were the first on my list. Just to ensure that we can keep communication lines open and have ample power source for our portable radios and flash lights when the storm arrives.


Checking up on food stock like canned goods and easy open meals on packets can be of good use while power lines are down and access to grocery stores are impossible. Also potable water in large containers enough to give us supply for a few days shouldn’t be forgotten.


A round about check of the house for leaks, tightening of loose items that may be pulled off by strong gusts of winds and fixing broken windows to prevent rain water from coming in. Waterproofing every corner of our shelter to the best we could.


It is also wise to keep some candles and safety matches for temporary light source during the night when electricity maybe cut-off. A large drum filled with clean water is equally important for toilet use. Sometimes power loss goes together with water shortages.


Finally, prayers will keep us safe and calm despite the ravaging storm that is yet to come. Let us pray for everyone!


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