Foods for Healthy Skin

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Most beauty conscious would invest on expensive lotions and moisturizers to gunk on their face with much gusto hoping that it could work wonders. Many are swayed with advertisers who would hawk miracles on beauty treatments but some are just fancy packaging and popular names without a guarantee of a desirable result. So caveat emptor! For a beauty secret that is sure to deliver a sure promise of a healthy skin, let us go back to the basic. Watch what we eat because we are what we eat.


1. Green Tea. Not only is it good for the skin, it is also good for our overall physique. It is a natural antioxidant that will fight off free radicals that could keep our skin from premature aging. It has been proven to reduce the damage of sunburns and overexposure to ultraviolet light, which in turn reduces the risk of skin cancer. Green tea is also high in polyphenols — compounds that eliminate cancer-causing free radicals.


2. Water. It is the most basic substance of all but one that is often neglected. Drinking plenty of water keeps the liquid supply stable inside your body. Thus, it could make the skin looking fresh, young and healthy looking. It also helps not to dry out the skin easily even if exposed under the sun. So keep hydrated as much as you can. Water in caffeinated or sugary beverages does not count; water intake must be from pure, clean water, which rejuvenates skin cells. Water both hydrates cells and helps them move toxins out and nutrients in.


3. Protein Rich Foods. These include foods from protein rich foods list in your daily diet as protein is the building block of skin, hair and nails. So try to double dose these on your meal because aside from having healthy skin, they could also build strong muscles and bones. That is a plus. Lean cuts of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, soybeans, lentils, legumes are some examples of protein rich foods.


4. Carrots. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which is a required nutrient for healthy skin. They also contain high levels of antioxidants, which prevent free radical damage of skin cells. Vitamin A is required for developing and maintaining skin cells, and a deficiency of the vitamin can cause dry skin. Carrots are also a superior source of fibre, biotin, vitamins K, C and B6, potassium and thiamine.


5. Foods Rich in Omega 3: Fish like tuna, salmon, trout, prawns, oysters, sardines, herring mackerel and egg yolk are recommended for healthy skin and hair. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which make your skin soft and supple. Seeds and nuts are also packed with omega 3 essential fatty acid. Dried fruits like almonds, prunes, and nuts, flaxseed contain sufficient omega 3 and vitamin E. They keep your skin well hydrated. Here is omega-3 fatty acids food list.



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