Cheap yet filling budget meals (Set#1)

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courtesy of saylala.wordpress.comFilipinos are all certified foodies. From the humble street food to the glorious all-you-can-eat buffets, Pinoys will never miss a delectable dish to try. That is why food is certainly the most successful business here in the Philippines for wannabe entrepreneurs as long as it’s edible, clean, tasty and most especially budget friendly. Surely the demand for foodstuff will never cease to increase.


Though this is the case, nothing still beats a hearty home-cooked meal prepared by our folks. Sometimes though, indulging ourselves with the fast food cookery (with all its beautiful packaging) won’t hurt.


However, each of us can have different acquired taste for food, and here I want to share some of the best tasting fast food I have sampled without shedding a tear on my wallet. I believe these are worthy mentions and are good recommendations for those who are somewhat short on cash or have to watch their budget.


Trimoshawarma Co. (‘”try mo shawarma ko”)

Situated at the northern part of Quezon City particularly in Lagro Subdivision, this location is made famous by this uniquely named place for Shawarma. Over the years, their Shawarma servings has been perfectly matched to its price not to mention the great blend of sauces that enhances the flavor of the nicely wrapped beef strips. Trimoshawarma started the budget friendly food strip at the gates of Lagro, inviting more people to visit and dine at their humble food shack. They now offer chicken shawarma and the newfangled Sisig Shawarma.


Oi! Sisig

Sisig (is a Kapampangan term which means “to snack on something sour”) has been a famous viand for people who wants to eat plenty but has few cash to shell out. Many versions of this dish have been introduced but only a few are able to offer the right taste at the right price. I loved their version of sisig for not being too salty and oily, not too drenched with mayonnaise and floured with the right amount of chicharon bits. It is even spiced by chillies at the right measure. Even their bangus (milk fish) and tuna sisig are tasty and not fishy. Of course the price is good enough for 3-4 people to share.


Sr. Pedro Lechon Manok

What sets apart Sr. Pedro from other charbroiled chicken is their full-flavored chicken. So tasty that sometimes a dipping sauce is no longer necessary. Plus the sizes are big enough for a barkada of 4 to enjoy. I know not all of us will agree to this but the smell of lemon grass and soy sauce set in a hot glowing coal will surely make your mouth water and crave for this white meat.



Meals would not be complete if it doesn’t have rice (which is our staple food). If you love the Chinese style Yang Chow fried rice, RBX will be the cheapest one in the market. It is one complete meal in a small box that is heavy on the tummy yet light in the pocket. If one is not enough you can still go for seconds.


Napolis Pocket Pizza

Pizza is one of my favorite Italian dish but a slice of it will be never be enough to satisfy my hunger. Napoli’s made some modifications and stuffed all the goodies in a pocket type wrapping (just like empanadas!) It is better than stuff crusted ones. (and far cheaper too!)


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