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courtesy of pinoytoptips.comAdobo is one of the Philippine’s indigenous dish that has always been a menu mainstay. Every Filipino is sure to have eaten a portion of this dish countless times since their childhood.


The unique blend of flavors and spices made this dish number one on the list of many Filipino household’s weekly menu. Apart from its succulent flavor, it’s easy to cook and a good meal to enjoy anytime of the day. It is almost always the choice when one has to go to an outing or gathering since with the hot and humid climate of the country, one should think of a viand which can last a long time without the worry of spoilage.


One particular restaurant has made the adobo their house specialty. And if you are one of the few who can’t get enough of our authentic traditional foodstuff, this place will surely satisfy your incessant craving.


Though adobo is basically cooked with all the locally available ingredients, surprisingly there are a lot of variations to this native dish. Adobo Connection delivers a few of the best kinds of adobo for our enjoyment.


Browsing thru their menu I found the famous adobo flakes, classic adobo, adobo sa gata (coconut milk), cheesy adobo and fried adobo. I believe these are the common types that you can find when you get to taste this dish as you go around the country. But I bet there are more undiscovered variations to savor.


Adobo Connection offers different versions of their dishes – a value meal which is a now a common part of every Filipino dine spot and the regular meal which comes with unlimited servings of white rice.


The regular meals consist of your preferred adobo variant and some side dish (soup and chips). Drinks are offered separately to give you freedom to choose among their beverages in single served or bottomless options. With the exception of the adobo flakes, you also get to choose between chicken or pork as your base meat or better yet have them mixed to get a good taste of both worlds.


Their value meals on the other hand, samples the same variants but in fewer amounts. The only difference is that you can get a good serving of veggie side dish, a cup of rice and regular sized drink to complete your meal. All of that at a much affordable price.


So what’s unique with their version of adobo?


Well, the taste is well balanced. The sweet-sour-saltiness in the right amounts. The meat is perfectly cooked with the right amount of serving. I even got two cups of unlimited rice servings to finish it off. Probably I can get another half cup of rice if only I wasn’t full.


If you haven’t tasted adobo yet, you can try Adobo Connection for starters.


Other than the adobo, they also serve sisig, gising-gising (hot and spicy veggies in coconut milk), and kare-kareng gulay (veggies in peanut sauce).


Prices for their meals ranges from P 80.00-150.00 per serving. A good alternative from other fast food joints if you want to get a true Pinoy taste for your palates.


What I ordered? Adobo sa gata meal with regular iced tea and unlimited rice :)

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