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EGS Family Day 2013

Snapshots from the EGS Family Day 2013 – A Halloween Costume Party for the employee’s kids

Growing up, I don’t remember putting on a Halloween costume, preparing my pumpkin basket nor savoring on piles of sweets every 31st of October. Halloween is just a scary thought for kids my age. Our Hallows Eve were alternatively filled with ghost stories told under the full moon in the darkest corners of our house (or a childhood friend’s house). There were no trick or treats. No frightening costume to wear.


My wife’s family day at the office eventually has given me the chance to see how my fellow Pinoy’s observe Halloween. I really wasn’t sure how it would come out but come to think of it kids in fancy costumes, a scary themed office and a fun party is much preferred than frightening yourself with those ghosts and ghouls.


How was it?


Everything turned out to be great. The kids get to have their buckets filled with sweet goodies. We even get to see some nice acrobat show and played engaging games again to win more sweet prizes.


Of course the smile on my kids’ face as they went around the office for treats is a new life experience for me as a parent and as a kid who didn’t get to celebrate Hallows during my days.


Halloween may not be a Pinoy tradition yet adopting the foreign custom is not bad after all especially when our kids have fun doing it.


Though the scary masks and bloodcurdling get ups are fascinating and equally rousing, we should never miss to celebrate All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day the conventionally.

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