A call for a safe passage of the new year

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Celebrating the new year’s eve and welcoming another era to our lives is a global tradition for most people around the world. But here in the Philippines, it has become a dangerous occasion for the Filipinos to celebrate.


It is an annual tradition for Pinoys to welcome the new year with parties, lots of food, loud sounds and most particularly lighting up a fire cracker. But what makes these fire crackers dangerous is that they are strong enough to severe a limb or even lethal enough to kill an unwary bystander. What seems to be a joyous event can unimaginably turn to a gruesome occasion when these fire crackers became minute explosives that may take away a finger or two or even an arm. As these firecrackers are sold anywhere and easily accessible to people of all ages, the danger is ever present.


Every year our government is finding ways to lower the casualties related to fire cracker accidents. There was a time that there were TV ads showing dilapidated hands due to mishandling of fire crackers aiming to defer the public from setting off one of these killing contraptions yet the numbers took off.


Other than the dangers of fire crackers, deaths due to indiscriminate firing of guns is another cause of death related to the Philippine’s new year celebration. A large percentage of bullet stray casualties are kids yet our government is having a hard time preventing this to happen. The sadder part is that no one is ever caught to answer to these fatal accidents.


Yet again I would like to reiterate the annual message, let us promote a safer celebration this coming new year by not buying any fire crackers and root for alternative ways to celebrate it. You can choose from making loud noise with the help of horns or drums or even clanging your pots. Surely it is way better to start the year right with a complete set of fingers and saving a single soul to celebrate the change of time.

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