The pleasures of cooking your food and eat-at-home

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courtesy of flickriver.comIf someone who knows me and familiar about how I looked before and see me now, they would instinctively tell me that I’ve grown fat with a really nice ‘ab’ I’ve got here (just one big abdominal muscle right at the center ). One eat-out fanatic here! Guilty as charged!


The moment I started earning money right after college, splurging on great dining spots has always been part of my weekend routine. Gathering up the gang and embarking on a food trip till we fill up our tummies is one of the ways to enjoy the fruits of my hard labor.


Indeed, we Pinoy’s enjoy pleasurable eating which is a logical reason for the emergence of a multitude of dining spots all over the country. We never get tired of tickling our taste buds with different mouth-watering dishes that anyone can think of; from the humble fishballs on the streets to the grandiose eat-all-you-can buffets on pricey restaurants.


But then, our salaries cannot always cover for our food spending and might as well allocate most of our cash in paying for our groceries, utilities, rent and for parents like me, savings for our kid’s future.


I started to realize this idea when I went on a lunch date with my wife a few months after we got married. It seems I got tired of eating the same food not to mention the diminishing amount of serving. This made me realize that we should start cooking our food instead. Otherwise, we will end up spending all our money on fast food which is, by the way, much cheaper and not as healthy and actually not enough to satisfy our hunger because of the small servings they offer.


Truly, cooking your own food especially those dishes that are expensive can help you save more for your own necessities.


We (my wife and I) were never good in cooking even before we tied the knot yet we do specialize in gobbling up anything that is truthfully tasty. We just started to try learning everything and improvising from recipes even the expensive dishes as long as it satisfies our taste buds. With this, we have successfully lowered our dine out expenses and was able to set aside more than what we originally thought of saving.


To sum it up, here are some of the reasons (based on my experience) why we should cook our own food and eat at home:

  1. Home cooked meals are healthier and “cleaner”.
  2. You can eat more than you want but with less the expense.
  3. Cooking your own food will develop your ‘basic’ culinary skills even without formal schooling.
  4. You can save more money that you can appropriately spend on other necessities.
  5. You can fashion your food according to your taste.
  6. You will learn to budget your money as you will also do your own visit to the markets and groceries to buy your ingredients.
  7. Eating together as a family is a great bonding moment to keep everyone together.


All we need is to make that first step to a healthier dining experience.


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