Saving water with the Waterless Urinals

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How the Eco trap WorksEvery household requires at least one water closet or urinal for a standard-sized family to use. Proper disposal of human waste is vital for our health and for the environment as well. The invention of the toilet fixture particularly, the water closet made our waste disposal as clean and sanitary as possible.

For the past few years, different toilet fixture manufacturers created their products in a way that it will save water. They even introduced a way of using at least half of the capacity of the tank just to flush urine down the drain. They even introduced anti-bacterial solutions to promote a cleaner utility as the need to sanitize our environment arises.

One of the biggest shopping mall near my place used a different kind of urinal (toilet fixture for men) as opposed to what I have normally seen before. The Waterless Urinal has caught my attention most especially when they put up a warning sign saying, “Do not pour water or any liquids in the urinal.” So, I wondered, how do these fixtures work? How do they maintain them if they are not using water? Despite the waterless feature, why isn’t there any foul smell found on these things?

Waterless urinal uses a technology that is far different from our regular urinals. The drain is of a different type in which it catches all the urine and pushes them below using a chemical (environment friendly one) that they call blue seal. The blue seal is so special that it allows waste water to go underneath it and traps all the wastes and odor while acting as the surface. The waste water then passes through the sewer line as always without the aid of water.

The whole assembly is called an Eco-trap similar to the regular S-Trap and P-Traps that we use at home which is usually sealed with water. The Eco-trap works the same way but is far better than the former. The Eco-trap not only acts as a barrier to keep rodents and insects from passing through the drain but also prevents sewer vapors from escaping to the restroom.
Three ounces of the blue seal may last up to 1500 sanitary uses. It is easy to replenish the liquid and may only take you a few seconds to replace it. Best of all, you don’t need to touch the eco-trap while you do it. A special tool is available for the maintenance and replacement of the Eco-trap.

Waterless No-flush urinals indeed has given us not just a few perks but also solutions to problems like low water pressure, flush valve repairs and rising water and sewer costs to name a few. More technologies will arrive that will conserve or even treat water for re-use. This is good since it might not be too long when tap water will be sold in the market like gasoline if we do not do something to conserve it.

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