Recycled bottles for your train fare

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courtesy of english.cntv.cnChina recently made an ingenious idea that will alleviate the insurmountable problem with PET bottles.


A machine that will receive used drinking water bottles, crush them and give the subway commuters a way to diretly recycle the used item rather than just throw it away.


It is in its form a reverse vending machine. Reverse because it will give you money in exchange for your waste – which is the empty PET bottles that we bought someplace and will just throw away after consuming its contents.


Asides from the said machine being helpful to green peace advocates, it also encourages non ecological friendly citizens to do the same. This indirectly promotes green living solutions to other people. What do you think about that?


The machine is currently in its testing phase and the people of Beijing, China are showing a positive response on this idea. Now the rest of the world are discovering this breakthrough.


I do hope, we could get this kind of machine here in the Philippines. We are by far one of the largest food consumers and disposable drinking bottles are abundantly used everyday. From purified drinking water, fruit juices and other edible liquids. We try to recycle these PET bottles whichever way we can. Honestly, monetary incentive is unbelievably the fastest way to promote environment friendly advocacy among Filipinos.

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