Reaping the benefits of having your own garden

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courtesy of theworkaholicmama.blogspot.comIt is summertime and as what my son’s favorite cartoons “Phineas and Ferb” used to say, having nothing to do or learn during this long vacation is a worry when they are tired of playing games.


It was at that point that I with the support of my mom-in-law, got the idea of setting up our personal garden which my eldest son will be able to take care of.


My mom-in-law provided us first with plants which do not need a lot of water. She was thinking that her grandson won’t have a hard time watering the plants everyday but alas, my son with his normal kid’s enthusiasm almost drowned the plant! Thus, his grandmother provided other plants which loved water.


Each day, my eldest would observe each plant and report if there are any changes on them. I would hear my son’s enthusiastic voice saying that “Mommy, a baby plant sprouted!” or “Mommy, there’s an insect on my plant!”


I must say that setting up this personal garden has a lot of benefits. Asides from being a responsible person, learning about plants and how to take care of them, it was fun seeing my son becoming busy with his garden. Although I still need to remind him from time to time to water his plants.


I was so amazed though when I was able to have my son eat our home made pesto! This was after he helped gathering the basil leaves from his own garden. He was so excited when I mentioned that it is now time for him to reap the benefits of taking care of his plants.


I didn’t expect that my son who’s also a picky eater will even get a taste of what he formerly calls “that green looking pasta.”


So my advice to moms who have sons or daughters who are not just bored during the long summer vacation and are picky eaters, try to plant your own garden!

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