Pondering the message of the Earth Hour

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The Earth Hour has been one of the most celebrated events ever to involve the whole world concerning energy conservation for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants. Almost all people from different walks of life participated on this once-in-a-year event of turning off our lights where ever it may be, as a sign of support to save the environment.The Earth Hour was instituted to call for a move on the conservation of energy, lower the utilization of our natural resources and prevent its depletion by doing all possible efforts to sustain if not all at least most of the resources that we need most now and for the future.

The answer of the world has been a positive one. There are people who are aware of the environmental problems our world is experiencing apart from the present climactic conditions that we are going through. We know that we can do more things to save the planet “for our children” and there are many people who are willing to take part on it.

Many people did show their support last Saturday (March 26, 2011) and talking about events and festivities, they really made it a well celebrated one. Advertising agencies, print ad and other forms of media made a great information campaign through a series of advertisements on paper, on air and on the World Wide Web. Different organizations put up their own events to show their support. Sadly, I did not take part on the Earth Hour since we experienced a 2 – 3 hour power blackout prior to the scheduled event. I do practice on energy saving everyday by switching off the unnecessary power at my place.

But if you ask someone or even yourself, why did you support the Earth Hour? Do you really know its objective?

We should not take for granted the true objective of the things that we celebrate. The cause will not be regarded as such when we just come to remember it regularly. Remembering it is not enough. It should be some sort of stepping stone for something great to happen or a start for a change.

The Earth Hour is just a prelude to what our environment is calling for – a change in our ways, on how we live in this world as “human beings” and care takers of our resources. We should live as men who “thinks of better things” for his fellow, his planet, his future and not just for himself. Currently we only have one world to live in and its death would mean mankind’s loss.

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