Fuel efficiency for a greener environment

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courtesy of dozox.comGetting the most out of your fuel is what most car owners and drivers aim to achieve. The prices of fuel has never been a steady state and saving as much gasoline as we want to will be of top priority.


Gas saving mechanisms and fuel additives may help us in lowering our fuel consumption but more than anything else our driving styles will make more room for stretching the mileage before our next pit stop.


Lower gas emissions will not only help us save money and fuel. It also it helps us lower the greenhouse gases that warms up our environment.


Most of what I have listed here are common advises from fellow drivers and the usual recommendations from experts and researchers.


  1. Accelerate and decelerate gradually. Stepping on your gas pedal to punch in more fuel to your engine and abrupt stops will eat up more gas than keeping a subtle touch to your driving to deliver a smooth ride for you and your passengers.
  2. Keep a steady pace. It is optimal for drivers to get into the highest gear as much as possible and to keep a stable speed for every change of gear. In this manner, an optimal amount of fuel will only be used to propel our vehicles as we go to our destination.
  3. Cycle between AC on or windows down. Air conditioners are essential here in the Philippines due to our hot and humid climate but it is helpful to cycle between opening our car windows and turning off our ACs and vice-versa. It is advisable that we lower down the windows when driving at low speeds (like cruising around town) for shorter trips while using the air conditioner when driving at high speeds to reduce the “drag” that will workout our engines to counter the air resistance.
  4. Turn off your engine during long stops. Avoid idling your car for more than a few minutes if you are not in the move or still waiting for someone. An idle engine will consume fuel even though you are in full stop.
I hope these tips will help you somehow in saving as much fuel as you can while we keep the planet safe for everyone.

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