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fresh lumpia

Aboy’s fresh spring roll jam-packed with healthy goodness!

Our day at the grocery won’t be complete without a quick stop to the supermarket’s fast food strip. Where food choices are easy on the pocket yet delectable for our taste. Most of the time we go for take home pizza, hotdogs or waffles for the kids. Every week we try to vary our choices so we can enjoy our once a week time out from home cooking.


Yet majority of the food sold in these places are drenched heavily in oil or saturated with so much salt. Eating them is definitely like killing yourself a little each time you take a bite. Well that’s what fast foods are essentially.


My age nearly shows up as deficiencies and illnesses started to bother me each day. Fast food will be a straight path to more diseases and less food for my palate to enjoy.


My wife’s discovery of an unusual food cart in our place gave us another way to gastronomically satisfy our cravings for take out food.


Fresh spring rolls (better known as “lumpiang sariwa”) is one of our favorite Pinoy dish. And seeing one that looks good and budget friendly is a definite home run. I didn’t think someone would start selling these hard-to-make local delicacy at a cheap price. Other than the handsome price tag, each serving is full of ingredients that will make you go for seconds.


Aboy’s Lumpiang sariwa is packed with lots of ingredients – lettuce leaves, bamboo shoots, carrots strips, dessicated coconut, fried garlic, peanuts; rolled in a feshly made egg wrapper topped with sweet and salty peanut garlic sauce. So mouth-watering!


They are selling these healthy rolls in two (2) variants. The ‘regular one’ which is wrapped in ordinary pastry wrapper sells at PhP 45.00 per piece while the ‘special’ is wrapped in soft egg wrap and is PhP 50.00 per serving.


What makes it truly different is the special egg wrapper and the generous amount of filling in every roll. Not to mention the size of this thing that is enough to satisfy 2-3 people at most.


Aboy’ fresh lumpia do know how to satisfy their customers while keeping up with the current costs. Truly a healthy dish for the body and for our pockets :)

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