A musician’s paperless initiative

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courtesy of music.woizzo.seI can no longer recall how many sheets of music I have stashed up in an old carton box that is sitting at a lonely corner of my house. Since I started to learn playing the piano, I had the chance to exchange piano scores with friends and high school colleagues. Classical, pop, rock, choral and sacred music are all piled into one old and now rotting storage. It’s been years since the last time I opened and browsed my collections. The dust and old stench from the now fading pages of these scores will surely give me the rash. Fixing them up, collating every stock pile will keep me busy if not for hours but days or even weeks.


Other than the antiquities, I have sets of digital score sheets in my desktop PC that seems to have shared the same fate. Though they don’t smell and likewise have kept their readable quality. Organization is what they lack for quick pull outs when the need arises.


I was thinking of having them all printed and binded into a single volume but rummaging through the hundreds of pages of musical notes is not a good idea. Moreover, the weight of the book may be cumbersome to bring around during rehearsals.


This was the time I saw some wonderful app used by musicians on their iPad. And it gave me an idea to do the same. Though I do not have an iPad,I was thinking of the same idea with my Android tablet. It’s a good thing someone made an app for droid users that it just took me a few steps to achieve my goal.


So what I did is to purchase this app, install it on my tablet and start synching my sheets (which are by the way in pdf format). It took me a few hours to learn the whole thing. And presto! A mobile collection of my piano scores all stashed in a single location with less the hassle of organizing them, quick call ups when I need it, without the burgeoning weight bringing all the books wherever I go. Not to mention the search feature, quick annotation, set list creation which I think is the best  thing.


As for my old scores, I still have to find some time to scan and convert to pdfs.

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