Unfortunate accident at the Cirque

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courtesy of cirquedusoleil.comThe death-defying routines matched with synchronous circus display and odd-fantasy thematic visual plot is what makes Cirque du Soleil the most highly regarded performer in the world. Needless to say every performance will surely draw you in amazement. Thrilled and spectacled with the high flying stunts which mind you are free of any harnesses or supporting attachments, definitely, no room for error is a must. This show is not for the faint-of-heart.


But what happened in Vegas in the 29th of June has marred the zero casualty standing of the Cirque when one of its premiere performer died due to a 50-foot fall. This is the first ever fatality record in the circus’ performance.


Sarah Guyard was being hoisted on the roof of the stage in preparation for a battle scene when the accident happened. The 31-year old artist, who goes by the stage name Sassoon is a mother of two and has been a part of the circus troupe since 2006.


Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberte has showed sympathy to the bereaved family of Guyard. The group has promised to work with the concerned authorities to further investigate the cause of the accident.


I do wish that the members of the Cirque are well insured for the hazards of their work, though fascinating for most of us this kind of profession has higher chances of injuries and deaths.

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