Things to learn from Vhong, Denice and Cedric

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www.fashionpulis.comThe Pinoy showbiz was rocked with the mauling of one of the Philippine’s best comedians, a news we could never have imagined happening to the likes of Vhong Navarro.


For days it conquered every radio station, TV broadcasts, newsstands – putting every Pinoy up to speed to what really happened and who among the involved people is telling the truth.


Though it seems Vhong is surfacing as the likely victim in this case, Denice and Cedric maintains their firm claim of justice for Denice’s being a rape victim forcing a split reaction from the public. Though in the end, we will still leave everything to our justice system to have its own decision.


Yet clearly if you are to look beyond the whole thing, you would find that each of them committed their own mistakes that we should take note of and not to forget to learn from.


No secrets are safe forever. Especially if there is nothing good to be brought about by hiding it in the first place. Cedric’s punk ass Chinese mafia will soon be answering to possible criminal charges if proven guilty.


Money and power isn’t everything. Cedric Lee is one of the wealthiest businessman in the country. And evidently, he is using his financial abundance to wreak havoc to anyone brave enough to go against his will. But can his money save him from this dilemma?


Do not lie if you are bad at it. Telling a lie can sometimes save us the hassle over something that is a matter of life and death. So as to avoid incurring negative emotions to other people, lying can save the day. But not all of us are good at it and if you are like Denise and Cedric, better tell the truth than to complicate the situation.


The things that happened between these peple occurred for others to learn from their mistakes thus in a way prevent us from imitating their negative choices.


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