The ill fate of stand-up comedies

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courtesy of examiner.comStand-up comedians really are funny because of their sure hit punchlines, unreserved choice of words and unstoppable batter of words due to someone’s physical malady or character.


But not all of them are true artists in the sense that they do not have the talent to deliver jokes without hurting other people’s feelings. Tactless is sometimes not funny at all especially if you’re the one put in the spotlight while everyone else is laughing their hearts out.


I do feel Jessica Soho’s rage for being used as part of a joke. Though the comedian warned and disclaimed the nature of his laugh lines, being part of a joke is not funny especially if it pertains to someone’s deficiency. As we all know, jokes are half meant.


Vice ganda, is funny in some way, but his technique occasionally hits below the belt. Not all people will understand his jokes. Most of the time laughs are beset with anger.


VG’s public apology is a good step to explain his side and calm the now forming storm of intrigues. Only time will heal the wounds created by this unfortunate incident. Yet it seems, other people are seeing another TV network battle from two different talents as a different angle.


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