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courtesy of automodifiedesign.comNonstop fast paced driving action! This is what the new NFS (Need for Speed) franchise has to offer on its 3D simulated driving game for fanatics like me.


Right after the successful release of NFS Hot Pursuit, Electronic Arts (EA) unleashed another action-packed driving game. NFS: The Run features an awesome storyline and never-before-seen driving game spectacle in the NFS series. This current release claims as the largest racing game ever created.


The game puts you behind the wheel as you try to race from San Francisco to New York in the cross-country car chase employing different cars you’ve ever dreamed of handling – Bugatti Veyrons, Lamborghinis, Ford Shelby, Camaro to name a few.


You take the identity of Jack Rourke who has been pursued by the mob with a price on his head because of a debt he can’t repay. Sam Harper aids Jack in winning the Run with a winner-take-all of $25 million by working as his eyes and ears throughout the game.


What’s unique about NFS: The Run is its compelling attribute to get the gamer in the mood to finish each stage or even the whole race. We’ve always known NFS for its street car racing and this latest franchise has yet positioned them on a better spot among the race driving fans. If you are familiar with the Need for Speed series, most of the race is done in a basic start-finish setups which is either done in sprint, circuit or knockout challenges also done in laps. The Run is different for it does not carry the usual NFS circuit racing; instead it pushes you to pass through the top 200 racers through different challenges enclosed in stages. As they say “you’re always competing.”


The race will force you to pass 6-10 cars, battle with 3-4 cars in a steep winding cliff or a head-to-head dirty combat with one of the top drivers.


Also, there are portions of the game where you will have an interactive participation with the protagonist as he tries to escape death in several scenarios. An ever first to have instituted “quick-time” events that sometimes puts you in so much aw that puts you in between watching a movie and playing the game.


With Dice’s Frostbite 2 technology, the game boasts eye catching graphics and close-to-reality driving experience relative to the Hot Pursuit.


But some NFS game fanatics complain about the game’s graphics issues like a capped frame rate and difficult controller configuration especially for the PC version.


Though the game is a bit short, still I can say NFS: The Run is one great game. I’m hoping that EA could make some follow-up sequel on this one. I am a bit intrigued with what’s going on between Jack and Sam.

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