NFSMW 2012: yet another disappointing game

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courtesy of progamist.netThe Need for Speed (NFS) new franchise done by Criterion and Dice had been the talk of the town and kept every NFS fan itching their hands to get a copy of this most anticipated 3D driving game of the year (2012).


I consider myself one of the game nerds, consistently following every NFS franchise to date. I even have my copy of the first “Most Wanted” installment. I also haven’t conquered the top most slot in the game’s Most Wanted (MW) list yet. Aside from the MW series, Hot Pursuit and The Run have kept me wanting more of the NFS driving challenges which you can’t pull off in the real world.


Sadly, the 2012 version of MW has disappointing performance issues for most of us who got hold of the game.


Cars are hardly controllable not to mention that some video graphics issues are terribly annoying even though you have topnotch graphics hardware.


I was planning to upgrade my meager video card just to make sure I can play this game but after coming across several online discussion boards, I found a lot of problems in terms of game performance. That in turn has made me decide to keep my funds at bay for better upcoming purchases.


While the game developers are working diligently to find a way to fix this game (which is by the way seems taking way too long), I think it’s better off for me to finish with what I’ve started on the classic MW franchise and just leave the enjoyment of this new time consumer to the hands of my kids.


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