Marlene Aguilar challenged judge for fistfight over Ivler’s case

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Marlene Aguilar is said to have flown over the top at the hearing of her son Jason Ivler murder case. The famous socialite was said to be in the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to support her son in his murder case against victim Renato Ebarle Jr. whom he was accused of killing due to a road rage last November 2009. Marlene was outraged when the court announced that the ballistic test on the murder weapon used for the murder went missing. Aguilar’s misdemeanour inside the courthouse prompts Presiding Judge Bayani Vargas to cite her in indirect contempt.


According to Judge Vargas, Aguilar challenged her to a fistfight and flung slanderous remarks on him after he denied the motion of Ivler’s counsel that the accused be excused from attending the proceedings. This must have brought further distress on Aguilar who then hurled unpleasant words to the judge. With her scandalous conduct, the judge was forced to stop the proceeding.


‚ÄúMarlene Aguilar, for her actuation which was aired in GMA Channel 7 news on March 23, 2011 whereby the presiding judge of this court was challenged to a fistfight coupled with libelous remarks which has the effect of degrading the administration of justice in the trial of her son, Jason Ivler, is hereby adjudged guilty of indirect contempt and ordered to a fine of P20,000,” Vargas stated in his order.


Aguilar explained her actuation in an interview stating that she was in much rage when she learned that the evidence was lost. She stated that the evidence would prove her son’s innocence. Aguilar believed that the evidence was lost with the purpose of incriminating her son. She stated that the evidence have been submitted to SOCO and then to Judge Balut who was the former judge handling Ivler’s case. Judge Balut inhibited from the case and was replaced by Judge Vargas. Aguilar believes that the evidence was lost during the transition of the judge.


The record was lost reportedly when the Bureau of Immigration requested for the copy of court records. Aguilar even threatened Judge Vargas if he will inhibit her from attending court proceedings.
“Kung ako i-contempt of court niya, maaatake siya sa puso sa ilalim. At baka ilabas ko pelikula niya. Baka maglabas ako ng pelikula, at maglabas ako ng paper trail. Mga hayop sila!
“Pikon na pikon na ako diyan sa mga ‘yan! Isang taon na! Isulat mo, subukan niyang i-contempt of court ako! Kasi hindi malaking kasalanan yun! Mas malaki kasalanan niya! And I can prove it on paper, at baka ilabas ko pelikula niya,” saad niya.
“Hoy Judge Vargas bago namatay Fiscal Sunio ng DOJ alam mo bang may video syang iniwan at ikaw ang leading man dun? Saan kaya napunta ang videong yun? Bakit kaya may perang involve dun?” Marlene added on a text message.

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