Magda: more than just a song, it’s a life story

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twicsy.comOne of my vices and possibly the one thing that I love to do every time I have to drive someplace is turning on the car’s radio to keep me company throughout my trip.


Keeping a beat while behind the wheel keeps me in focus and pretty much entertained until I reach my destination. Music tends to keep you calm enough to brave or even to face the streets that’s been termed as having one of the worst traffic in the world.


As I scan every radio channel, I came cross one of the best local songs today. I am not really a fan of this genre but rap music is heard best with Gloc 9. His tunes have always been one of the best I have heard and for sure this new song played in the air waves is one topnotch beat.


I find real artistry in Gloc 9’s music and one can clearly feel the vibe of his tunes. And with the kind of melodies we have today where sex as a usual theme is dominating almost every musical genre, this one is far better.


Magda shares her life story as narrated by his childhood friend Ernesto.  Her story reflects the life of Filipino women who lived their lives as sex workers and dancers in night clubs – a moral issue that has long been sought to be resolved. It is only due to circumstance and poverty which tends to push these women to do so.


Based on my understanding, the song not only reflects our women but also our relationship with our country. Ernesto represents us the people while Magda symbolizes our nation. While as young people we learn to love and care for our country as time goes by, other nations will do their best to woe us in giving them our most precious resources, be it our natural resources or even human resources only to be exploited in the end.


This kind of music is what makes it more than just a simple tune for everyone to groove on. This kind of music reflects what we are. It also tends to challenge us to strive to make our country a better place to live in.




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