Iron Man 3: Just what you expect in a trilogy

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courtesy of ironman3onlinewatch.wordpress.comMore often than not, movies begin to lose their magnificence once they reach the third installment. The intrigue and excitement of what to expect has been replaced by blandness and somewhat a predictable nature behind story lines on successive films.


Iron Man has always been on the top spot among superhero movies in the 21st century (in my own opinion) as its protagonist Tony Stark kept everyone in awe with the development of his modern combat suit from the first movie in 2008 which is exceptionally played by Robert Downey Jr. Even so the enhancement and introduction of yet a better Iron Man suit plus the inclusion of War Machine with their badass battle against Whiplash on the last portion of the Iron Man 2 Movie where Tony displays his one gonner laser to bring down a mob of remote controlled droids has made more fans (which includes my kids).


Both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 had great plots which will keep every movie goer at the edge of their seats and even wanting for more. The participation of Stark in The Avengers has even made Iron Man more engaging beyond the character’s bigheadedness and extreme narcissism.


I find Iron Man 3 a little too fast in delivering the story-line and somewhat lacks that wow factor compared to its predecessors. There were some surprising scenes and unexpected twists though not as explosive to cover the speedy flow of the film. Its just like watching your favorite soap in the big screen.


Despite the lack luster of Iron Man 3, I would still give credit to the film makers for the insane rescue stunt with the crew of air force one and yet another advancement to the Iron man suit interface (I preferably call it remote desktop connection) not to mention the emergence of the Iron Legion. By the way, Pepper Pots is way too hot in this movie! Hoping for an enthralling storyline in the next one that is if there’s a next one.

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