Donna Cruz-Potenciano very happy with her family; every actress’ dream

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Do you ever wonder what has happened to Philippine TV’s very own Donna Cruz? Well then, quit the wondering because we will take a quick glimpse of Donna’s Private Life with her dear family. Donna Cruz is happily married to a prominent doctor, Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal III (an ophthalmologist), raising three children: Belle, 11; Cian, 8; and Gio, 3 with the first two attending separate exclusive schools; Belle in Grade 5 and Cian, Grade 3.
There are half a dozen of them in the house; Yong said standing beside a brass lion in their backdoor a fortress-like abode at the Millionaire’s Row in Maria Luisa Park, Cebu City, which is comparable to Forbes Park in Makati. Actually, the Larrazabal’s are one of the elites in Cebu owning Cebu Doctor’s Hospital. You cannot deny the fact that by looking at their awesome newly built mansion of 1,500 square meter floor area, you will get mesmerize.


They have a lavish music room adorns with Donna’s memorabilia of her showbiz achievements and use the room only once a month. Adjacent to it, is Yong’s garage filled with his vintage car collections. Underneath it is a reservoir of rainwater for cleaning the garage and plant watering, a great conservation idea.
“I really wanted to be an architect. But I had to take up medicine to please my father (Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal) who lives with my mom a stone’s throw away, “he said, and affirmed that he personally designed their new mansion of the way he was brought up with elegant taste of classiness. Donna loves her spic-and-span kitchen where she cooks her favorite recipe, lasagna the family’s favorite. Donna’s being a mom is more of a friend to her kids because she is soft-hearted and Yong is a disciplinarian of the family. “I am basically a homebody; I would rather stay home with my family, attending to the house chores while Yong is on his Hospital routines everyday with his patients and both of us are fond of running to keep us fit,” she gladly shared. They both sporty and join marathon, 20 times already here and abroad. The best spot in their home where they usually bond is at the back of their home near the swimming pool. She loves her life in Cebu, which she considers, simple and happy, a dream life to her. Asked if she will still prefer her life now, if given another chance, “Yes, I will. I will marry the same man, have the same children and won’t have any second thoughts about putting family above everything else. As I’ve said, this is the kind of life na gusto ko. I won’t have it any other way.”


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2 Responses to Donna Cruz-Potenciano very happy with her family; every actress’ dream

  1. Agnes says:

    they have a big oval at the back of their mansion where donna jogs and practices for any marathon event.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Donna..I just wanna say that I’m a big fan of yours since i was a kid and until now i still do! may not feel comfortable for you but i hope u can find time to give me a text..I will not ask for your number coz i know its private but im leaving you my number if ever you will grant my wish.. –>>09155511308 thats my personal number..thank you and i’ll be expecting you eventhough its take good care always and God Bless..