Chito-Neri scandal: respect and apology

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courtesy of pachugong.blogspot.comChito Miranda, a vocalist of one of the Philippine’s alternative band (Parokya Ni Edgar), is the recent victim of a sex video scandal. A puzzling news for every PNE follower and for sure no one would have thought something as big as this will hit the band’s premier vocalist.


Some of us felt sad with the headlines. While some voiced hate and disgust towards Chito.


Chito promptly expressed his deepest apologies to everyone through his FB (Facebook) Fan Page status post especially to his and his girlfriend’s family.


The rockstar’s fans ask for understanding and respect for their idol’s somber plight but then again detractors stress negativity about the unfortunate news.


Should there be any respect given to people like Chito?


For all we know, the singer didn’t ask for their intimate video and photos to leak out from the confines of their home. Someone did break in and took their computer’s hard drive as the report says.


I think respect should still be granted to him since he didn’t want any of this to happen. And why would someone be willing to broadcast an immoral characteristic just to steal the show?


I see the sincerity in his words. Everybody makes mistakes and Chito is a guy that makes every effort to win back our trust. At least he admits his misforgivings despite the possible drawbacks on his career.


In any case, we should all learn from this. No one here is the saint and the sinner. Admitting our mistakes and atoning for it is all that is necessary.

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