Building blocks to children’s creativity

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Disclaimer: This article is not aimed at selling products that will be mentioned throughout the article. Neither the author nor received any compensation in the creation of this post. Lego, Minecraft are properties of their respective owners.


Minecraft was termed to be the digital Lego. The pixel-faced world and the expansive make-your-own adventure are consistently keeping many of our present younger population interested, if not even entranced with this game.


Yet way before digital toys hit the market, we (my generation) were hyped with the much similar play things – a toy system so great that it could almost replace all other toys in my closet. This is no other than the Lego system which has changed the way how we played during our time. I considered it as the ultimate toy.


Every minute part can help create new toys out of its original form. In a way teaching kids back then the concept of recycling old parts to form new toys to say the least.


With the Lego bricks, a child’s imagination can come into life. It trains every kid’s mind to dream, create, and build. Also it helps in enhancing his creative skills to form his own toys – an instructive, entertaining and creative tool all in one play thing.


Seeing my kids, build their own toys out of scraps from their defunct Lego system is more satisfying than seeing them play with their tablets with those mindless digital games only leaving them disappointed for losing after a few taps on the screen.


It is grateful to hear that Lego keeps on enticing more young people to continue buying their products and rebuilding the market for others to follow. It has opened alternative resources for many kids and parents to own one of these brick-building systems.


I do not aim to push people to buy these products. I am just sharing my point that the physical toys such as the Lego is becoming less of a child’s play thing. I do hope that parents will strive to give our kids toys that are worth keeping.


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