Arnel Pineda Failed to Rock The Super Bowl XLIII Pre Game Show?

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Arnel Pineda

Arnel Pineda

Pinoy singing sensation Arnel Pineda together with rest of the Journey band performs at the Super Bowl Pre Game on Tampa Bay last February 01, 2008.   The Pre Game Show is the official kick-off of the Super Bowl XLIII.  The Super Bowl is considered as grand daddy of all American sports, and probably the most watch sports event in the United States.    It is watch by over 148 millions U.S viewers and broadcasts worldwide to more than 230 countries territories.

It is important for Arnel Pineda to leave a good impression this show.  His performance on the Pre Game show would be his measurement on how he fits on the shoes set by the Journey’s previous lead vocalist Steve Perry.  There are so many talks and speculations whether Pineda is worthy or not of the break, and his performance on the Super Bowl would be his barometer.

Does Arnel failed to give his 100% performance level during the Super Bowl Pre Game show?  I have read many comments from critics and fans on several forums and blogs regarding the Arnel’s performance on Super Bowl.  On my rough estimation it is about 70% saying the performance was poorly done while 30% says it was just fine.  On the standpoint of a neutral observer I should say Arnel could do better.  I would absolutely agree that he failed to rock the Super Bowl Pre Game show.  He really sounds stressed out and his voice strained.

I have been watching the guy, following his gigs and TV appearances and there is no doubt on his talent.  He could sing, and on my opinion he could even sing better than Steve Perry himself but sad to say he did not exhibit his best during the Super Bowl Pre Game show.  Could Arnel Pineda fit the shoes set by Perry?  Some of the critics say he could not but on my unbiased point of view he could even exceed Steve Perry’s benchmark.  All he has to do is to focus on his career and stop performing on some “petty” show and avoid overdoing himself.

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3 Responses to Arnel Pineda Failed to Rock The Super Bowl XLIII Pre Game Show?

  1. Ingrid says:

    What! I think he is awesome and most deserving of the big break. He has 10 times more heart than Perry not to mention his killer vocals. Remember he is just getting started and has been performing continuously since his arrival, my vocal chords would be wiped out too. He has has a very difficult life yet managed to perservere though it all to achieve his dream. He is sincerely grateful for the opportunity and the concerts I have seen so far (next one in Tulsa on August 5th) he has rocked the house, belted it out and given 110%!

  2. Joey B. says:

    Listen-up! Arnel is here to stay and give this guy a break. Steve Perry is gone and will never be welcome by the band. Journey will be Journey no matter who will be the front man and do not measure anything in just one performance. Arnel doesn’t have any ego not like the previous leads for this great band. I you really love this band just relax and enjoy their beautiful harmony. Do not be racist because he is a dark skin person, inside Arnel are pure music. More power to Journey and to the new front guy Arnel. Keep going Arnel and let your voice fill the air with music.

  3. jop says:

    i agree that arnel should concentrate on journey and making each gig outstanding. he gets only one chance. if he does too many small gigs on the side for relatives and friends, he will lose his only chance.