TADO: an artist behind a (foolish) name

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www.youtube.comAt first, you would think that the screen name that Arvin Jimenez chose is too blunt to use and his preferred title is too intrusive or strong for people to consider.


But the alias “Tado” took a more positive meaning within the notion of stupidity. It does now fit the name to his personality and persona as “talen-TADO” (talented) and “respe-TADO” (respected).


This guy is more than just a misfit. Born to be funny in a unique way, his brand of humor is far different from anybody else’s especially when he is at his best.


I have been a follower of Brew-Rats for some time. Enjoying the mix of these comedians over-the-air and Arvin was one of them. The brew-rats will never be the same again without Tado in it.


Aside from being a TV personality and a radio talent, Tado was also good in creating statement shirts branding his own style – catchy, witty and funny. I’m sure wearing his creations will remind us of his wild antics.


If we didn’t lose Arvin in the accident, we would not have known his involvement with activist groups like Dakila. His efforts as its member will have been worth enough for the group to continue their aspirations. It is sad to note that only after this event did we get informed of its presence.


Recently, did I start following Tado on his Facebook page. Actively, this guy posts many interesting tidbits of his travels, business ideas and most of them are delivered with a lasting sense of humor.


May his death not only be remembered but also serve as a way to claim justice for several more lives lost due to irresponsible driving habits that many of Pinoy bus drivers are doing right now.


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One Response to TADO: an artist behind a (foolish) name

  1. I would like to give this opportunity to salute Arvin “Tado” Jimenez – an artist that made a legacy not only in the entertainment industry, but also on the area of society. Sad that he already left us but his works and inspiration that touched thousands of Filipinos will be something that will cherished. I really hope that proper justice will be served.