Where to buy the cheapest but good quality musical instruments in Manila

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www.fretbase.comI have been using my Casio branded digital keyboard for more than 5 years when it dawned on me that it’s about time to make an upgrade. It will be a timely transition to a better musical instrument for my upcoming gig in February.


Most of the time I get my keyboards from specific outlets in malls but this time I decided to harness the power of online shopping. The reason for this is that many concept stores are offering better deals as compared to what you regularly find in malls. Most hard to find items, collectibles and best buy products are found in one of these online stores.


With my tablet on hand, I started my search that led me to a handful of sellers both brandishing old and new products. Though there is an enormous selection of items available, I made sure to be very particular in my search and eventually crossed paths with JB Arcilla (online trading handle). Armed with the availability of my chosen item and seeing that it is the lowest priced among other online sellers, I decided to pay their store a visit and checkout their place. I also did not forget to check the good score rating that other buyers had given this seller. Add to this the positive comments to backup that high regard.


Mr. Arcilla’s music store is located on a famous strip in Sta. Mesa just a few blocks away from SM Centerpoint. This place is one of the best places in Metro Manila to buy your musical instruments. Though it is a smaller spot compared to what you find in Raon (Quiapo area), it’s still a better alternative for avid music makers like me.


Another thing that I liked about this place is that they are open even on Sundays when there’s minimal traffic to navigate in congested Sta. Mesa.


It took me just half an hour to get to the store from my place though I had to leave my family waiting in the car while I did my business. Parking space is a little bit deprived in this area. Thankfully the people from the nearby gasoline station have allowed us to park our vehicle. Despite the approval, my family decided to stay put to secure our car.


The transaction with Mr. Arcilla’s staff was a breeze. They gave me the time to test the keyboard that I have chosen before finally making the purchase.

This strip of music stores is a great place to buy those low priced instruments especially for the budget conscious consumer. There are so many items to choose from. Only that parking is a bit off if you plan to haul up a handful of instruments when you visit this place. Nevertheless, this is a place that’s more convenient for musically inclined people with a budget compared to going to Raon.





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