Scary movies: what makes them appealing to the Filipiono audience

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courtesy of thefilipinolifestyle.comHorror, thriller, suspense – are the least genre I will definitely watch. Yet, hosting a movie marathon opened a window of opportunity to view some spine tingling movies to date.


This has been my second attempt to watch another set of spooky films but watching hair-raising theatricals with a bunch of friends is much better than watching it by yourself.


I commend these movie makers for their creativity in making films that will put everyone jump out of their seats and scream at the top of their voice. Even foreign films (those subtitled and were not dubbed in English) are sure to send goosebumps to every Pinoy horror movie fanatic.


What I have noticed while watching these scary films is our inert interest to find out the plot behind the frightening stuff. The challenge of overcoming your fear of seeing beyond what is normal is what inspires us to go through the film despite causing our hearts to pound so fast while sending unending shivers from start to finish.


Fear is part of our natural psyche and sometimes feeling fear from watching horror films can help relieve stress and loosen up a bit.


Other than getting a scare, it’s definitely worth the time watching your friends scream their lungs out!

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